Aug 1, 2018

SFH Patch Notes v. 0.3

Patch Notes!
  • Added a note at the beginning "This is not a comprehensive setting, but a jumping off point: it gives you the basics, then allows you to add to the universe, tailoring it as you wish."
  • Species changes: Renamed crawling vine heap to crawling bramble, renamed humanoid energy to electric humanoid in an attempt to describe the species more clearly. Added minotaur, neanderthal, snake folk, snake folk cyborg, wandering monster. Replacing many of the repetitive cyborg mutant entries.
  • Created a separate table for cyborg and mutant, but in the end, scrapped it since it created a need for an entire formatting change to work that never looked quite right and during gameplay I liked the ability to create different NPC population ratios with the old system that didn't work with the new system. The added benefit of adding ten new species to the already now 37 possible species (not counting cyborgs or mutants) felt like it was not a big enough bonus to keep, so I reverted back to the previous system.
  • Starting items: Added Bottle of chloroform, credits (fake, 20) (moved from misc items and made a static number to cut down on rolling when creating new characters; same with credits entry), flares (6), loaded dice (moved from misc items), space suit, truth serum (placebo).
  • Combat gear: Reduced armor back down by 1 point to bring it in line with Maze Rats again to make it easier for Maze Rats characters to enter this setting.
  • Added guideline for vendors buying used items for 25% of value and known stolen or illegal items at 10% value. Added Antlered jackrabbit, trained miniature goat. Added establish a small colony and partial ringworld for those players with very lofty ambitions. Various price changes.
  • Misc items: Changed anti-mutant tract to anti-cyborg to reflect more the underpinning tension between machines and organics, added brain slug propaganda, broken manacles, broken robot parts, coupon for 50% off Tool, upped credit amount rolled, datajack VR game, government poster, made musical instrument more specific, illicit pleasure cube, illicit stimpack, jar of metallic glue, preapocalyptic memo, small heater pad.
  • Weapons: Added disintegrator gun, added a +2 damage to the rocket launcher, changed whip to plasma whip.
  • Reduced XP loss possible from cloning from 10 to 5.
  • Cyborg: Removed 4 augment limit, figured if someone wanted to play inspector gadget, who am I to stop them! Added brain transfer plug, electro-stun fingertip, internal chiller, internal heater, renamed internal battery to living battery, pheromone mimicry, quick speed reading, robot centaur legs.
  • Mutations: Clarified that there were multiple ways to gain mutations after character creation. Added antlers, distrust became mistrust to more accurately reflect what it does, crustacean, insectoid and tentacle arms became limbs to give the players the option of having a leg transform instead of just arms, metal skin allergy was removed and replaced with metallic, parasitic entity (Spiderman beware!), prehensile tail, and my personal favorite addition... ram horns!
  • Vehicles and starships: Added damage to ramming plow, datajack VR system: comes with the "swords & museums" game (I'm not married to the game, but it's what is there until I think of a better one), Breaching ram-drill: Successful piloting roll versus target’s armor breaches the ship and allows access between ships until disconnected (I wanted boarding actions to be relatively easy to help alleviate the problem of PCs on board ships with nothing to do during space combat).
  • Quirks: Added buggy alarms, cabin always too cold, cabin always too hot, famous reputation, foul stench, infamous reputation instead of bad (three amigos flashback), roll 2 more quirks, secret upgrade found (I am such a nice guy!).
  • Had to shorten the random encounters intro, I went with: "Roll on the appropriate table. Optional: roll twice and combine the results."
  • Overworld: Added beast befriends a PC (I want more interesting results that are not just kill it, or talk with it, I really like this entry since it is different), bounty hunters (it was criminal that I did not include them originally), dead bodies, moved diseased travellers to overworld since I felt it made more sense, drunken revelers, flying starship, frogman tribe, irradiated glowcloud, lost traveler, monster nest, tar pits, vehicle gains a quirk (it's possible PCs may not have a vehicle, but I trust the GMs will be smart enough to reroll or just have nothing happen), wandering madman.
  • Underground: Added cryostasis pods, escaped experiment, group of miners, metal-eating spores (maybe I am not such a nice guy after all), pools of radiation, prisoners were moved underground, treasure vault door, unarmed enemy staff, vein of precious ore.
  • Space: Added creature on the hull, renamed ship inspection to customs inspection to clarify, leviathan boneyard, stealthed starship, swallower of worlds instead of cosmic horror, uncharted planetoid.
  • Had to remove the Thank You section, which I really didn't want to do, but in the end I decided to do it in order to add a wandering monster table.
  • Added a new table for wandering monsters. Populated with some new monsters and others moved from the random encounters. The monsters are: colossal worm, cyborg jellyfish in mechs, giant alien spiders, large flying leaches, mudmen, radioactive ooze beast, rogue nanite swarm, shadow beasts, 6-legged 2-headed wolves, swarm of giant grubs, teleporting crystal-crabs, towering giant.
  • Swapped the order of character and vehicle sheets to make more logical sense. Also made some inane, fiddly changes to the vehicle sheets.

Jul 31, 2018

Science Fantasy Hack v. 0.3

I am proud to present my Science Fantasy Hack based on the outstanding Maze Rats RPG. Built to be fully compatible with Maze Rats, while allowing your adventuring group to skim through the void of space with your mutated and cyborg crew, dodging angry space leviathans and space pirates or delve into the deep underground to seek ancient treasures guarded by strange mechanized, cybernetic jellyfish.

A strange retrofuture in only 6 pages. The Science Fantasy Hack gives you just enough to jump into a strange new universe while being short enough to not get in your way. Allowing you to tailor the setting in whatever direction you want to take it.

Download the full PDF here

Download just the character sheet here

Download just the vehicle and starship sheet here

This is an early draft of the game that I will be continually polishing and tweaking and your feedback makes a big difference in future versions of this hack. Message me at the Maze Rats G+ community post here

My plan is to keep the Science Fantasy Hack to 6 pages only. After it is at a point that my out of control perfectionism is happy with it, I intend to create PDF expansions that have a more fleshed out setting for those that want to see more of the universe I have created.

Buy the amazing RPG Maze Rats by Ben Milton here

Lastly, I dedicate this Hack to my brother Kyle. My first ever and favorite playtester.

Jul 29, 2018

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells

Artwork by Diogo Nogueira for the Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells RPG

I've recently discovered the RPG Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. From android priests spreading the message of the God Machine to a cyborg cemetery populated by scavengers and mutants, this game has a metric ton of creative ideas in it that will keep players happily busy for decades. The game is still under development, with artwork being added that perfectly compliments the crazy creativity of the game. It is shaping up to be an excellent addition to my RPG bookshelf.

Jul 19, 2018

Mattac Commision

I grew up playing the WEG Star Wars roleplaying games. Though I played many characters over the years, my favorite was always Mattac. A merc who specialized in stealth and being places he wasn't suposed to be. When he would invariably be found out (I had a history of poor dice rolls) he would quickly switch to Plan B: BLOW EVERYTHING UP! Using his twin cybernetic grenade launchers and his over the shoulder rocket launcher, lovingly nicknamed "The Door Maker."

This beautiful commision was created by Nekkyo Usagi.

Map of a Shattered World

My players have recently crash-landed an improvised escape-pod / monorail-tram on the surface of a shattered world.

To the South-West, Mount Atomic spews forth irradiated magma (radiation levels indicated by the green markers). Meanwhile in the East the crashed remains of the Orb-Beast lies, warping everything around it, creating pockets of extremely unstable reality that continue to persist (represented by the purple bits).

Created using the excellent Hex Kit program by Cecil Howe. I love this program!