Jul 31, 2018

Science Fantasy Hack v. 0.3

I am proud to present my Science Fantasy Hack based on the outstanding Maze Rats RPG. Built to be fully compatible with Maze Rats, while allowing your adventuring group to skim through the void of space with your mutated and cyborg crew, dodging angry space leviathans and space pirates or delve into the deep underground to seek ancient treasures guarded by strange mechanized, cybernetic jellyfish.

A strange retrofuture in only 6 pages. The Science Fantasy Hack gives you just enough to jump into a strange new universe while being short enough to not get in your way. Allowing you to tailor the setting in whatever direction you want to take it.

Download the full PDF here

Download just the character sheet here

Download just the vehicle and starship sheet here

This is an early draft of the game that I will be continually polishing and tweaking and your feedback makes a big difference in future versions of this hack. Message me at the Maze Rats G+ community post here

My plan is to keep the Science Fantasy Hack to 6 pages only. After it is at a point that my out of control perfectionism is happy with it, I intend to create PDF expansions that have a more fleshed out setting for those that want to see more of the universe I have created.

Buy the amazing RPG Maze Rats by Ben Milton here

Lastly, I dedicate this Hack to my brother Kyle. My first ever and favorite playtester.